Deputy Commandant



 Seafaring offers a stimulating, fulfilling and well paid career for young people who enjoy the associated challenges and responsibility and who want more from a career than the usual office work. A career at sea brings with it a wealth of opportunity, providing individuals with the training and experience for a lifetime rewarding challenges, which in the longer term can be continued either at sea or ashore.

Presently there is lots of potential in maritime sector and if the young people of Bangladesh put more attention in the marine profession then they can develop their career in a short time and our country may be highly benefited from marine sector. We can slowly develop a large workforce in the maritime sector and become the world leader in the coming days.

The Atlantic Maritime Academy has already enrolled the first batch of academy cadets and all the required training are under way at the Dhaka Campus. The AMA pledges to transform all the cadets in to the finest category of Marine Officers.